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Daydream Delusions

About the Artist

There are three things I love most in the world: My family and pets, shopping and glitter. I have been crafting for over 15 years, and come from a very crafty family- so I think it’s possible there is actually glitter in my blood.

I have always loved creating handmade and one of a kind gifts for friends and family members. There’s no greater feeling than having the perfect idea in your head for a gift and then creating it yourself just the way you imagined it! Soon, friends were asking for specific items to give away as gifts themselves, and suggesting I start a shop on Etsy. I thought it was a good idea, but never had the time.

I transformed one of my spare bedrooms into a craft studio and create all my items myself. Occasionally I am “supervised” by my cats, but they really just knock things over and bite my toes while I work!!